The Way We Are

During life we encounter all kinds of people and temperaments, from sunny personalities to grey introverts. Some attract us like a magnet, the others repel us like a reversed magnet.

But as I won’t detail why are we (or not) attracted to one another, I will keep it here about our uniqueness and its origin. About magnets, another time…

Have we ever asked ourselves how did we end up like this? I know it takes courage, time, experience and self awareness to even want to find such an answer.

Because we might not like what we’ll discover or we’ll negate or negotiate the answer we’ll reach, few of us will start searching.

What makes all of us so different? I would look briefly on what I think carves our personalities, from the very early childhood until the end of the Journey.

As human beings, we discover everything by curiosity. Since our birth. And what we discover we always assume as being the truth. Shapes, colours, tastes, smells, textures, etc.

Later on comes the family, which is a great growing environment, if we are lucky of having a good one. It teaches us communion, sharing, principles, love, rules – or the opposites, if unlucky. Family is the only place I name hazard as a factor of one’s development.

Our past, being happy or not, shapes us in a way. And definitely alters our later choices and level of trust we invest people with.

Our own choices – the people we surround us with, the books we let into our minds, the ways we spend our time – can save the terrible experiences from the past or deepen the sufferings.

There might be some other factors who determine who we are, but my conclusion is we are a sum of experiences and choices.

And if choices sit above the past, I am sorry to say, there is no one else to blame for the way we are.




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